What is it that takes a meal from good to next-level delish? The secret is high quality ingredients—like Laura Chenel goat cheese and farmers market produce. With some well-chosen ingredients on hand, an impressive gourmet dinner is just a few steps away.

As the saying goes, “Give someone a recipe, they eat well for a meal. Teach someone a few kitchen tricks, they eat well for a lifetime.” (Well… something like that.) In this case, we’re sharing some techniques and ingredient swaps that will help you enjoy these three epicurean pasta recipes again and again.

Here are some of our favorite methods—and recipes—to get you started. 

Spring Veggie Sheet Pan Gnocchi

Whip up an undeniably satisfying gnocchi dish using only a single sheet pan. Seasonal vegetables add brightness alongside the crispy, chewy pasta. Melted goat cheese and a sprinkle of herbs create the creamy sauce that brings the whole dish together.

Technique: Roast everything with goat cheese.

Make it your own: While our recipe calls for broccolini, tomatoes, red onions, garlic, and thyme try it with other fun flavor combinations like:

Asparagus, tomatoes, garlic, and chives

Kalamata olives, tomatoes, eggplant, and red onions

Mushrooms, scallions, shallot, and rosemary

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